When it comes to competitive exams there are plenty of questions that need to be answered and GRE test is no exception. Exams can be stressful enough without the extra headache of figuring out costs, registration format, submission deadlines and so on. Every student find it difficult to get answers of those plethora of questions in their mind. One of the simplest solution to lessen any test nervousness and boost your efficiency in exams like GRE is to familiarize yourself with it. Knowing exactly what to expect gives you significantly less to think about, so that you can concentrate on what actually matters i.e. your test.

In light of that fact, we have decided to gather for you a list of question and answer related to GRE.

1. What exactly is GRE?

In case you are taking GRE test the likelihood that you already know answer of this question. GRE is Graduate Record Examination and is conducted by ETS. This test is required for doing Masters of Ph.D. programs in USA.

2. What is GRE Exam structure?

There is a general test and multiple subject-specific tests . You have to confirm with your particular school and graduate program to verify if they require the GRE general test and any subject-specific exams. GRE General test has 3 sections namely Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical Writing.

Analytical Writing is the first part of this test, it consist of two essays. One is on issue topic – in this you need to make clear and support you side for or against a given issue. Another is argument topic – in this you have to judge and evaluate a certain given argument. Both test will be given 30 minutes each.

Verbal section has 20 questions for which you have 30 minutes to complete.

Quantitative Section also carry 20 questions to be solved in 35 minutes.

3. What exactly the GRE Test evaluate?

There are 3 sections in GRE test. Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical Writing.

 On Verbal side, the GRE tests your vocabulary skill, reading comprehension and measure your ability to examine written material, how you identify associations between words and concepts. Quantitative exam tests basic school level math, algebra and geometry skills. Analytical Writing tests your ability to come up with a convincing argument based on the topic given.

4. Who should take GRE?

The GRE test can be taken by anyone seeking to gain graduate level program. However not every university make this test obligatory.

5. When and where to take GRE test?

GRE exams can be taken once every 21 days, up to five times per year and dates are available all round the year. There are computer-based test centers in every major city for GRE. All you need is to call the test center and set your appointment. Tradition paper-based centers are also available but is much less frequent that computer based exam.

6.What does it cost to take GRE test?

The fees for taking GRE test is $195 .

7. What is GRE Score for each section?

Score of analytical writing range from scale of zero to six while score of verbal and quantitative section range from 130-170.

8. For how many year my GRE score remain valid?

For five years.

9. What is GRE Subject test?

GRE subject test, evaluate your knowledge of a particular subject. Only few schools demand GRE subject test.

10. How to prepare for GRE?

Continuous practicing makes you familiar with the real exam questions and paper pattern. You can also try GRE coaching in Nagpur to achieve high score. Coaching institutes has experienced faculty who guide you with complete exam pattern. They arrange mock test for students to give them real GRE experience.