About Germany:

Germany formally known as Federal Republic of Germany is from Western Europe with Denmark surrounding it to the North , the Czech Republic and Poland to the East , Austria to the Southeast , Switzerland to the Southwest , France , Luxembourg and Belgium are situated to the West and Netherlands to the Northwest. It has 16 constituent states with a heavily temperate seasonal climate. Its capital and biggest city is Berlin . With 81 million residents , Germany is considered the most populated member state in the European Union . After the United States , it is the 2nd most in-demand migration location in the world . Germany holds the world’s fourth-largest economy . As a world wide leader in many commercial as well as technological market sectors , it is both the world’s third-largest exporter and importer of items . Germany is a developed country with a high standard of living maintained by a talented and valuable society . Germany was a member of the European Union in 1993 . It is a part of the Schengen Area and grew to be a co-founder of the Euro-zone . It is a vital member of the United Nations , the G8 and the G20 . Well known for its wealthy cultural history , Germany continues to be continuously the place of powerful artists , philosophers , musicians , sportsmen , entrepreneurs , scientists and inventors . Germany features a social market economic system with a highly competent labor force , a huge capital stock , a minimal degree of corruption and a high level of creativity .

About the Institution:

The International Academy of Students (IAOS) is associate academy of Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (FHM) which is non-profit, private and state-approved university of Applied Sciences.

International Programs:

IAOS offers Pre-Bachelors and Pre-Masters programs for foreign students at the FHM Schwerin Campus for those who aspire to do higher studies in Germany. Currently they are offering three programs:

  1. Pre-Studies Program (PSP) for foreign pupils who have completed their High School level (12 years of schooling).
  2. Inter Cultural Program for Freshman (ICPF) : ICPF Tech (For Engineers).
  3. Inter Cultural Program for Freshman (ICPF) : ICPF Med (For Medical Doctors).

Programs Offered By IAOS:

1. Pre-Bachelors Program:

PSP is a one full year course for students who have done with their 12th standard and wish to continue their Bachelor’s in Germany but which may directly not be possible as the German Universities require 13 years of education . This course is meant for qualified foreign students who want to enroll in a Bachelor’s program in Engineering , Medicine or Economics in Germany . Students are tutored German language , relevant technical subjects and German culture so helping the students from overseas countries to accomplish their 13th year of education as well . By the end of the coursework students are able to take an internal assessment test to study Bachelor courses offered by FHM University or take an external examination and apply to 180+ Universities in Germany .

2. Pre Bachelors/Masters Program:

ICPF Tech: ICPF Tech is a 1 year program offered by IAOS and FHM Schwerin with the purpose to prepare overseas students ( who have already done their 13 years of education ) for University studies in Germany . It is available for Engineers from foreign countries . The program teaches students in German ( A1-C1 level ), Technical German and includes company/industry trips , training seminars , social and cultural integration courses . Towards the end of the program , students have to give a final written exam ( Entrance for Bachelors/Masters ) . Upon clearing the exam, students are eligible to apply for German taught Bachelors or Masters studies across 180+ Universities in Germany .

ICPF Med: ICPF Med is a 1 year program offered by IAOS and FHM Schwerin with the purpose to prepare overseas students for University studies in Germany . The program is meant for Global medical practitioners who have done with their Bachelors in Medicine ( e .g . MBBS ) or Diploma in Medicine/Surgery . Upon successful completion of the program , students shall pursue healthcare associated courses across Germany . At FHM , a special Master program called MMA – Masters in Medical Administration , an extremely career oriented coursework is also provided .

Are You looking To Study Abroad in Germany?

International Academy of Students is a best option if you aspire to study in Germany. After reading this article if wish to know more detail about this University like Tuition Fees, particular course duration, admission procedure, duration and other essential detail you need visit their website at http://www.iaos.de or you can consult a reliable study abroad consultants who is legal representative of this University.